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Immunization & Worming Requirements

All dogs must be immunized against Distemper. Hepatitis, Adenovirus 2, Leptospirosis Prarinfluenza and Parvovirus(DH Lpp). These are the standard 7in 1 vaccinations given by your Vet and Must Include Kennel Coughs. Cats must also be vaccinated for all Feline Diseases a Veterinarian signed vaccination card must be produced on each visit. Your pet must be de-wormed and flea treatment used regularly.



Feeding Policy
Our preferred brand of food is Royal Canin, Burns and Gain Elite. For our cats Royal Canin Pouches and Royal Canin Dried Cat Foods. These are highly nutritious foods and are free from derivatives & colourants. We feed dogs twice daily & cats up to three times daily. We will be happy to feed your own brand if you prefer to supply it.