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Boarding Procedure
Make your reservation early in order to avoid disappointment as we are not a large commerical establishment and only have limited capacity.
Prepare your pet for Boarding
1. Ensure all vacination are up to date and that you have your card to hand. Don’t feed your pets within 3 hours of travelling.
2. Do not allow any member of the family to stage an emotional farewell scene as pet’s sense and reflect our emotions.
3. Bring your dog in on a lead – do not allow him to run around the premises. Your cat must be in a secure cat transporter NO EXCEPTIONS. Please tell us if your pet has any problems, such as fear of thunder, epilepsy, deafness, fear of other dogs due to a fight etc.
4. Ensure you have one of our cards in hand when leaving (unless you can remember our opening hours)
Checking Out
1. Collect your pet during the agreed time as he\she will be ready and waiting, if you are delayed due to travel problems please inform us.
2. Enquire about your pets stay: Did he\she adapt well to our routine, environment etc, was there any unsual behaviour etc.
3. Ensure you have all medication, toys etc when leaving.
4. Most important do not feed or water your dog immediately after returning home, some dogs become very excited when arriving home and may gulp food or water, this may trigger vomiting and\or diarrhoea. If he\she is thirsty just provide small amounts of water. Allow your pet to calm down (about 1 to 1 ½ hours) before offering food. Do not be tempted to share the family take-away that evening.
5. Contact us if you have any query after returning home. Some dogs tend to sleep a lot after being in kennels because they return to a home environment especially after the excitement of meeting their owners. We want you to understand there is a great deal more to boarding your pet than just handing him over and we are happy to discuss any of your questions.
6. Please keep this information on your pet’s file and refer to it before boarding your pet.